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    Insulation Upgrades

    Download this information in PDF format.

    A man installs insulation. A properly insulated building is more comfortable and costs less to heat and cool. Our insulation rebate program will help you pay for efficiency improvements to your facility.

    This guide will give you the information you need to start your own insulation upgrade project.

    Eligible Customers

    This program is available to commercial customers who receive electric service from Columbia River PUD. Eligible facilities include commercial buildings that have electric heat and have existing insulation that is R-5 or less.

    Eligible Measures and Rebates

    For all commercial customers (including K-8 schools)

    Attic/Roof InsulationRebate
    Existing R-0/R-5 to R-19 $0.80/sq. ft.
    Existing R-0/R-5 to R-49 $0.90/sq. ft.
    Wall Insulation Rebate
    Existing R-0/R-5 to R-11 $0.45/sq. ft.
    Existing R-0/R-5 to R-19 $0.60/sq. ft

    Project Steps

      1. Schedule a free energy use assessment: We will inspect your facility and identify a list of eligible insulation upgrades. You must be present for the assessment. Please allow 60-90 minutes for a thorough inspection.
      2. Get bids: If you are hiring a contractor, request bids for the recommended insulation opportunities. We recommend that you obtain more than one bid if possible. If this will be a “Do-It-Yourself” project, assemble the costs for materials. Submit your list of planned improvements, along with the cost of materials or the contractor bid, for approval. We will notify you when the project is approved and you may begin the work.
      3. Complete and submit a Commercial Insulation Project Information Form.
      4. Complete the work: Notify us when the work has been completed so that we can perform a quality assurance inspection. We will also request a copy of the contractor invoices or, for “Do-It-Yourself” jobs, the receipts for materials.
      5. Receive your rebate: We will process your rebate within 3-4 weeks of completing the inspection and receiving all the required paperwork.

    If work is completed by anyone other than a licensed contractor, the job will be considered “Do-It-Yourself” and PUD rebates will apply to materials cost only.

    Expert Help Available

    We partner with Efficiency Services Group (ESG) to bring you this rebate program. Call ESG at (888) 883-9879 or to start your project.