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    Insulation & Window Upgrades

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    Your home may be wasting energy in ways you haven't noticed. Our insulation and window rebates for electrically heated homes can help you cut energy waste and show you ways to make your home more efficient, lower your bill, and improve your comfort.

    Free Home Energy Evaluation

    Our free home energy evaluation will identify which energy upgrades will save you the most money. 

    To schedule your energy review, call (503) 366-5470 or email

    Eligibility Requirements

    • All PUD residential customers with electric heat qualify for this program.
    • If you are a renter and wish to have a home energy review, please have the home's owner contact our office. The home owner must be present at the time of the review.
    • The structure may be an existing site-build dwelling, manufactured home or floating home. It may be owner-occupied or used as a rental.
    • Our Energy Experts will conduct a home energy review before you begin your project, and conduct a quality assurance inspection after it is complete. Both of these site visits are necessary in order for your project to qualify for this rebate program. 

    Eligible Measures, Requirements & Rebate Amounts 

    MeasuresRequirementsRebate Amounts
    Attic/Ceiling Insulation R-0 to R-38 or greater
    R-11 to R-38 or greater
    R-19 to R-38 or greater 
    65¢ per square foot
    25¢ per square foot
    10¢ per square foot
    Floor Insulation R-0 to R-19
    R-0 to R-25 or greater 
    25¢ per square foot
    30¢ per square foot
    Exterior Wall Cavity
    R-0 to R-11 or greater
    (Fill the cavity) 

    65¢ per square foot

    Replacement Windows

    U Value of 0.23 to 0.30
    U-Value of 0.22 or lower

    $3.00 per square foot 
    $4.00 per square foot 
    Replacement Door Pre-hung,
    ENERGY STAR qualified,
    with replacement threshold
    $40.00 per door

    How Insulation Rebates are Calculated

    Insulation rebates are calculated using the square footage of the area to be insulated and the rebate per square foot. Only uninsulated areas are eligible for the rebate.

    Window rebates are calculated using the square footage of the window area being replaced. Attic insulation of at least R-19 is required.

    Step by Step Procedure

    1. Complete a Home Energy Review - Contact us to request a home energy review, which takes about an hour complete. The homeowner must be present. This step is required for our rebate program. We will give you a list of recommended energy improvements and their rebate amounts.
    2. Request Quotes - If you plan to have a contractor do the work, provide them with the list of recommended improvements and request a quote. See our list of local contractors. Please note: If the work is completed by anyone other than a licensed contractor, the job will be considered do-it-yourself, and rebates will apply to cost of materials only.
    3. Do the Work - Complete your weatherization project.
    4. Pass Inspection & Provide Paperwork - Notify us when your project is complete. We will complete a quality assurance inspection, and ask you for a copy of the invoice from your contractor, or, for do-it-yourself projects, receipts for the materials.
    5. Receive Your Rebate - We will process your rebate within three weeks of completing the inspection and receiving all the required paperwork.

    Area Weatherization Installers

    See our list of area weatherization installers

    A Note About Lead Paint

    If your home was built prior to 1978, installing windows, scraping paint or disturbing walls can stir up fine particles of lead from paint applied decades ago. That dust can settle onto carpets and furniture where it may cause health problems. Federal law requires contractors to contain and clean lead dust more carefully. A complete list of contractors that are lead paint certified can be found at Read more information on lead paint safety.

    For More Information on Weatherizing Your Home, Visit These Sites:

    For more information about the PUD's weatherization program, contact our Energy Experts at (503) 366-5470 or .

    Contractor Forms & Information

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