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    Thermostat Replacement Rebate Program

    Line-voltage thermostats are used for zonal electric heating systems such as baseboards, wall heaters, and ceiling cable. Energy-efficient electronic thermostats are more accurate than mechanical thermostats and result in more even air temperature, increased comfort and less energy waste. 


    This program is available to residential PUD customers who meet the following requirements:

    • Your primary heat source is permanently installed zonal electric heat such as wall heaters or baseboards.
    • All existing thermostats, except those in bathrooms, must be replaced with new, qualifying, line-voltage electronic thermostats.


    We offer a $125 rebate when you replace all the line-voltage mechanical thermostats in your home with qualifying electronic thermostats. We will apply your rebate directly to your utility account within three weeks of a satisfactory inspection.

    Equipment Requirements

    Thermostats must meet the following specifications to qualify for the rebate.  All thermostats shall:

    • Be electronically heat anticipated.
    • Have a thermistor temperature sensing element accurate to within 1.5°F or better.
    • Have a digital display.
    • Be UL or CSA listed for use with their application (i.e. fan-forced, basebaord, wall, or ceiling radiant heat).

    In addition, programmable electronic thermostats shall:

    • Maintain temperature and program settings during power failures.
    • Have a temporary override feature.

    Step-By-Step Process

    Replacing thermostats is inherently dangerous. Failure to follow electrical codes and safety instructions may result fire or severe injury. 

    Do It Yourself - To install the thermostats yourself, make sure your new model meets our program specifications. After the installation, call us to schedule an inspection. Please keep your old thermostats until after our inspection.  You will need a copy of your receipt and a completed Rebate Application.

    Hire An Electrician - Contact one or more electricians to request a quote for the work to be done. Make sure your electrician installs qualifying thermostats. After the installation, call us to schedule an inspection. Please keep your old thermostats until after our inspection. You will need a copy of the electrician's invoice and a completed Rebate Application. 

    Local Electricians*

    See our list of electrical contractors who work in our service area.

    *This list of local electricians is provided as a courtesy and is not an endorsement of their company. You are not required to use one of these electricians in order to qualify for a rebate.

    For More Information

    For more information on our rebate program, or for help deciding if your new thermostat qualifies, contact our Energy Experts at (503) 366-5470 or