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    Schedule 60 - Street and Highway Lighting

    Effective for all bills rendered after March 1, 2016


    To lighting service for public streets and highways and public grounds and areas.

    Character of Service

    From dusk to dawn daily, controlled by photoelectric control or time switch.

    Monthly Rate

    Type of LightWattsKWHLumensMonthly Charge
    Mercury Vapor* 175* 77 7,000 $6.29
    400* 169 21,000 $13.83
    1,000* 396 55,000 $32.42
    Sodium Vapor 70* 34 5,800 $2.78
    Area/Flood/Cobra Head 100 43 9,500 $3.52
    150* 63 16,000 $5.15
    Area/Cobra Head 200 88 22,000 $7.20
    Flood 250 111 25,500 $9.09
    Flood/Cobra Head 400 172 48,000 $14.04
    LED varies varies varies $0.0299 per Watt

    Monthly Charge: Includes energy costs only, with the Customer having paid the installation costs and the periodic maintenance costs.

    Contract Options: For services beyond energy only, the PUD offers standard contracts for maintenance and contracts to finance Customer's street lighting installations.

    *No new service provided by the PUD.

    BPA Power Cost Adjustment

    All applicable BPA Power Cost Adjustment charges per Rate Schedule 94 shall apply to all kWh's billed to Customers under this Rate Schedule.

    Special Conditions

    The Customer will use the PUD exclusively to maintain, replace or install fixtures on PUD distribution poles.

    The Customer will notify the PUD prior to any changes to existing street lighting facilities on city owned poles.

    To accommodate cost-effective maintenance, the Customer agrees to consult with the PUD on street lighting equipment specifications.

    The Customer will repair (within 10 working days) street lights that operate outside photo control time periods (daytime operation).

    The Customer will participate with the PUD in a bi-annual audit of street lighting inventory.

    Other Charges and Conditions

    All other charges and conditions shall be pursuant to the General Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations for Electric Service.

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