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    Schedule 14 - Residential Service - Special Waiver - Senior Discount

    Effective for all bills rendered after October 1, 2015


    To residential service in single-family dwellings, single-family apartments, or single-family farms.

    Character of Service

    Sixty hertz alternating current at 120/240 volts single-phase.

    Monthly Rate

    Customer Charge: $2.00
    (See "Minimum Monthly Charge" below)

    Energy Charge - up to 4,999 kWh's: $0.068
    Energy Charge - 5,000 kWh's and over: $0.072
    A 10% discount will be applied to the monthly kWh Energy Charges. 

    Demand Charge: None

    Minimum Monthly Charge

    Residential Customers, ages 62 or older, qualified as low-income (below 60% of State Median Income Guidelines) will have all but $2.00 of the Rate Schedule 10 Customer Charge waived. A 10% discount will be applied on the monthly kWh Energy Charge. However, a minimum monthly Customer Charge may be specified in accordance with the PUD's line extension policy or credit and collection policy.

    Customers may be ineligible to receive the low-income monthly Customer Charge waiver if they receive more than two final shut-off notices in a twelve-month period.

    BPA Power Cost Adjustment

    All applicable BPA Power Cost Adjustment charges per Rate Schedule 94 shall apply to all kWh's billed to Customers under this Rate Schedule.

    Other Charges and Conditions

    All other charges and conditions shall be pursuant to the General Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations for Electric Service.

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